Who We Are

Process Automation Corporation, AKA Magnets by PAC, was established in August of 1983 as a family owned and operated business.

We started out designing and fabricating machines; we also did contact silk screen-printing and screen printed magnets.

Over the years, we made machines for our own use to automate the screen printing and laminating of magnets. Due to the popularity of advertising magnets, we are no longer involved in contact silk screen printing or designing and building machines for other industries.

We now partner with L&N Label Company for our printing needs. We then laminate the magnet to the card on automated machines at our sight. We also partner with Advanced Printing and Mailing for our mailing needs.

We have passed the savings on to our customers, and are pleased to say that eighty percent of our sales are repeat orders.

The Family

Robert Trope, patriarch of the Trope Family, has run Process Automation for 35 years. With his recent passing, the business is entering a new era under the management of the next generation of Tropes.

John Trope, has stepped into the roll his father once filled. As COO and part owner of Magnets by PAC, he oversees the daily operations of the company.

Sandra Degen, Robert’s daughter, is CEO and co-owner of Magnets by PAC. Sandra oversees all other aspects of the corporation. She currently has a career as a Registered Dietitian, but plans to start working here again full-time in the near future.

Dee Trope, John’s wife, handles customer service and secretarial duties.

As we grow, we hope to bring the younger generation in as employees. That was always Robert’s goal, to leave this business as a legacy for his children and grandchildren.